Machine tools "Sasta" and "F.O.R.T". at the championship "Atom Skills - 2022"


BPK (the managing company of the Sasta machine tool plant) has been a permanent partner of the industry championship of Rosatom State Corporation - Atom Skills in the category of metalworking equipment since 2016. Sasta machines have been participating in the Championship since 2018.

AtomSkills is an industry championship of professional skills of Rosatom State Corporation according to the WorldSkills methodology, which has been held since 2016. It is a key tool for the exchange of professional knowledge, ensures the sustainable development of professional excellence.


At the "Atom Skills-2022" championship, the participants were provided with the following machines under the trademarks "Sasta" and "F.O.R.T.":

  • turning machining centers with CNC;

  • milling machining centers with CNC;

  • universal lathes;

  • universal milling machines.

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At this Championship, competitions were held on "BOD" machines in the following 6 competencies:

  • Milling work on CNC machines;
  • Turning work on CNC machines;
  • Work on milling universal machines;
  • Work on universal lathes;
  • Repair and adjustment of mechanical equipment;
  • Industrial mechanics and installation.

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