Machine Builder's Day at Machine Tool Plant Sasta


At the machine tool plant "Sasta" held a solemn event dedicated to the Day of Mechanical Engineer. The general director of the plant, Maxim Glebovitsky, congratulated all the workers on their professional holiday, noting that the plant lives, develops, increases its pace and is rearming. “With the arrival of a new shareholder, we are setting ambitious goals. Already today we are starting, albeit at a slow pace, to increase production volumes. At the same time, the main component of our success is people, a team of professionals, who can do a lot, ”said Maxim Konstantinovich.


In a solemn atmosphere, 46 plant workers were awarded with various awards and incentives.

A valuable gift from the Governor of the Ryazan Region was given to V.Zaitsev, Lead Designer, and thanks from the Governor of the Ryazan Region to MSR mechanic Georgiyevsky D.

Letters of honor from the Association "Stankoinstrument" were awarded to the leading designer Sakirin P., the operator of CNC machines Nikiev D. and to a thermist Lisin V.

The Head of Administration of the City of Sasovo received the honored awards: Head of the UOKD Panin A., the milling machine UOKD Sinyakov A. and the master of the department of chief power engineer Munkachi A.

Special respects deserve to, having achieved good results, by their work prove loyalty and dedication to the plant. They were awarded diplomas from the plant management.

16 people were honored to place their names on the factory Hall of Fame.

In the nomination “The Best Young Worker”, the winners were won by Milling Machine operator Yu. Li, machine operator with CNC UOMD Shulga D., mechanic-electrician Sychev M. Young people do not drop the honor and dignity of the working person. The basis of the success of these guys is, first of all, talent, multiplied by work. They are engaged in a specific matter, and, being very young, already benefit the plant.

Quality at the company has always been given much attention. After all, it depends on the quality of work, how our consumers will relate to factory products. Every year the honorary title “Excellence in Quality” is awarded to those who try not to allow the slightest marriage in their work, and this is the grinder of the UOMD Avdeev S., the grinder of the UOCD Butsky S., the mechanic of the MSR SBS Kireev A., the grinder UDM Gridyaev S.

The event was also accompanied by the performance of a musical group - the Phoenix group.

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